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Hidden Love:

treemanga would like to bring you a very cute manhua story. The story of a 12-year-old girl’s silent love for a college student… (A little suspense, anxiety of first love…) or (oh my god, someone seduced a kid…) Summary of the story: That year, Sang Zhi was secretly in love with someone, that was her brother’s friend – Duan Jiaxu. He has beautiful cherry blossom eyes. But he doesn’t seem to notice her and bluntly calls her “Baby”. Although he had just met, he always gave Sang Zhi one surprise after another, making her unable to help but want to get closer to him. But the age difference – 7 years old (isn’t that small?) makes it harder for them to get close…
Maybe coming in the next issue
Hidden Love Chapter 56
Hidden Love Chapter 57